Mulled Wine

This is something that I'm STILL experimenting with. I like mulled wine but the recipes for it tend to be for large quantities and I just wanted to make a couple of glasses now and then. Here is a typical list of ingredients:

The trouble is that while you can reduce the amount of most of the ingredients, you can't really reduce the amount of orange and lemon zest. Obviously, the red wine comes in fixed quantities too but then you don't have to mull the whole bottle do you?

I've been experimenting with the following ingredients:

The variations that I've tried have all been quite drinkable although I haven't come up with anything really terrific. Watch this space.

The main things to remember are:

  1. Don't allow it to boil. Don't even let it get close. If you do, you'll boil off the alcohol. Just make it hot. The purpose of the water in the first list of ingredients is that you boil the spice in the water to extract the flavour before adding it to the wine and heating it through.

  2. Don't pay much for the wine. With all the other flavour ingredients it would be a waste. Just use a cheap, preferably fruity, red wine.

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding this I'd like to hear them.