Measure For Leather

I am able to make leather cuffs incorporating symbolism and design elements, specific and personal to customer requirements and tastes.

Of course it is essential that such an item is a good fit; you don't want it slopping about, or digging in. But alas wrists are difficult to measure. Do you measure the very thinnest part, or include the bony bit, or perhaps measure a little further up your arm to allow for the width of the cuff?

I have therefore developed the method described below, which, if done as per the instructions, should ensure the best possible fit.

What You Do:

Measuring for a custom made leather cuff. Measuring for a custom made leather cuff.

Cut a 2" (50mm) wide strip of paper. This is the width of the leather I use. Your paper strip needs to be long enough to go about one and a half times around your wrist. Don't skimp on this; you'll soon see why. :-)

Fasten the paper around your wrist with sticky tape along one of the short ends (not by wrapping tape around your wrist). Make sure that the paper is running as a band around your wrist and not spiralling up your arm. This is why I say that the strip should go 1.5 times around your wrist: if it's a band the excess will hide underneath and not stick out.

Now that you have your new, home made, paper cuff, I suggest that you wear it for a few hours. Yes: HOURS. It's going to feel weird. But you need to make sure that's all it is, and that the cuff is neither too loose, or too tight. If it is too loose or too tight: start over. You won't be able to adjust your leather cuff so you need to get things right NOW.

Measuring for a custom made leather cuff.When you are happy with the fit, use scissors to cut along the line of the sticky tap. You should end up with two pieces of paper, one of which is the perfect fit for your wrist.

Now measure BOTH of the long sides. If you fitted it correctly as a band rather than a spiral, both measurements will be the same.

You now need to tell me this measurement. Imperial or metric, I don't care which. No ancient Egyptian cubits though it you don't mind. :-)

What I Will Do

I will then set up my super-duper high-tech wrist simulator (photo to follow - it's actually very low tech), to the measurement you have given me. I can then wrap a strip of leather around it, mark the positions of the fastening studs, et voila: you will have the desired fit when you get it.


I comply with all of the distance selling regulations but please be aware that while you can return an off the shelf item several days after you've received, it for no reason other than that you changed your mind, the rules for custom made items are different.

I will make your cuff to fit the measurement that you give me. If you decide later, after I've used time and material to make it TO YOUR SPECIFICATION, that the measurement you gave me is wrong, I cannot be held responsible... that's the law! So please <asking with smiley face>, double check your measurements and wear your paper version until you are absolutely sure it's right. You never know, you might start a trend in paper fashion accessories. :-)