LAMP Servers

I look after a LAMP server (a server based upon Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) on which I host an number of websites using a content management system that I wrote myself. The server is something I used to rattle on about on my blog and I'm using this page to link to a few of my posts that I need to refer to from time to time, and that you may find interesting if you're a web server admin.

If you are interested in having me host a site for you, please take a look at:

Links to My Blog

Opening Ports With PHP - Using PHP to control iptables rules such that SSH and Webmin ports can be kept locked when I'm not actually using them.

iptables - Customizing my LAMP server's firewall.

Tightening Security on SSH & Webmin

Fedora - The Wrong Hat - Why Fedora was the wrong choice.