Apple Macs

After almost 20 years as a PC user I saw the light and switched to Mac in October 2006.

At the time, one of my good friends was considering doing the same so I started writing a blog, Diary of a Mac Virgin, to document my experience. He never did make the switch but I found blogging useful for getting things straight in my head and for giving me something to refer back to when I need to. When the time came that I could no longer claim to be a Mac virgin, I created my current blog, where I also document my exploits with my VWs and my LAMP Server.


OSX has a lot of really good software built in but I also use the following:

EasyFind - The one things that Smultron (see below) lacks is the ability to search multiple files. EasyFind does just that.

Firefox - Safari is just fine but using FireFox allows me to use the FireFTP add-on for FTP.

GIMP - A very powerful open-source image editor.

Smultron - A programers text editor with most of the basic features that I want (see EasyFind above) and very little of the power user clutter that I've never made use of even when using editors that did have it.

SuperDuper - I used this to make a clone of my hard-drive as part of my back-up strategy.

Tables - A spreadsheet program that loads fast and uses minimal resources. All the functionality I need for balancing bank statements and compiling shopping lists without all the unnecessary clutter of graphs, macros, and other power user features that I simply don't need.


Links to websites that I find useful:

MacUpdate - A source for Mac software.