Welcome to AndySlater.co.uk

The Tree of Skulls - A model by Andy SlaterI've been an artist / designer / maker since I was first allowed to use sticky tape and round nosed scissors; which is getting on for five decades now.

Most of the things I make are sold on other sites. This site acts as "central hub", linking to those sites, and providing additional information about me. Some of that background may seem self-indulgent, but it's here either because I get asked about it, or so I can refer back to it myself.

Other Sites:

Most of my pagan jewellery is sold through my shop at Brighid's Pagan Jewellery, while most of my contemporary and fantasy / sci-fi jewellery is listed in my Etsy Shop... however there may also be a few items in the shop on this site, along with other miscellaneous items that I have created.

I also sell a selection of model making components on my Archeotech website.

In addition to the above I have a Facebook page for Brighid's where I announce new products. I also post about things on which I'm working on my Workbench Page on Facebook, as well as endeavouring to post a daily picture of something that's on my bench on Instagram.

A Selection From My Etsy Store: